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Recently I've been following Michael Bublé on Instagram I enjoy his sharing life in Canada with his family; taking his daughter to dance classes and celebrating Father's Day with his son at the same elementary school he himself attended. I have laughed over his friendly competition with Justin Bieber to become a Tim Horton’s influencer or ambassador of choice, who could possibly be more Canadian than Michael Bublé?

I'm proud to have raised my family in Halton Hills which for Canada’s 150th anniversary was named most patriotic community when they flew 57,073 Canada flags to celebrate. To reward their patriotism the Snowbirds did a fly over to honour the town. According to the Guinness Book of records at that time there were many celebrations of a similar nature: the largest Lego flag was built from 240,000 Lego bricks in Vaughan; and the smallest ever flag was the Canadian flag only visible through an electron microscope was created by Waterloo University. Ontario hasn't been the only province to break records during Canada’s 150th anniversary, in British Columbia at Grouse Mountain they made the largest human Maple Leaf, (this record has been subsequently beaten in Trenton, ON).



Canada's symbols are often featured in home decor, you'll see the beaver, moose, bear, wolf, and Canada goose in many Canadian homes, cottages, and cabins. But there are a few arguments that the Maple Leaf is the most Canadian symbol seen across the nation. I must admit to being a fan of the red and white that we see across the nation at this time of year, Canadian homes are happy to sport not only fabric flags, but quilts, carpets, doormats, gnomes, and wooden and metal signs all indicating the pride that comes from calling Canada home.



If you haven't already why not consider upgrading your home decor this summer to include our Maple Leaf either on its own or as part of a collection of Canadiana to stamp your home with red and white. As for me, this July first I'll proudly proclaim that my family roots remain in Canada and I'll be listening to Michael Bublé singing about Home.

-Emma Rock, special to Koppers Home

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