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Cozy up for Christmas

If you haven’t started your Christmas countdown, then now is the time to start! And if you haven’t dug out those Christmas decorations just yet, it’s never too early to start. The best way to get into the holiday spirit is to create the holiday atmosphere in your space.

With so many decorations and styles, making your home look nice for Christmas can get a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve carefully curated our items into themes and styles to help you easily pick and choose items that fit what you envision. The Cozy Cabin is all about Christmas in a classic Canadian style - think a warm cozy cottage or cabin, surrounded by large evergreen trees and flurries of snow. Whether you choose to decorate your actual cottage or choose to bring that atmosphere into your home, there are many decorative pieces to bring the vision to life.

When it comes to making Christmas cozy and warm, it all starts with the proper lighting. Imagine yourself sitting by a fireplace with soft lights and lanterns surrounding you. A Set of Lanterns, in red or white colors, dispersed on mantles, shelves and even the floor helps create a calming space. Fill them with candles for warm lighting, and you can even tie bits of evergreen branches on the tops for an added natural touch. Using lanterns is also a wonderful way to still keep the focus on the Christmas tree, while adding more light to the space. In addition to these lanterns, table top decor is a must-have accent. Even just one or two decorative figures can go a long way. Some of my personal favorites incorporate the woodland animals in their best festive gear, such as the Plaid Reindeer, the Metal Reindeer or the Moose With Skis.

It’s important to add texture and accents of color to the space, especially if we are in a traditional wooden cabin or cottage. Sticking with the theme of a cozy cabin, I love incorporating shades of red and the plaid pattern to living rooms or bedrooms. A Red Buffalo Plaid Throw or Sherpa on a couch or chair, is both decorative and functional to cozy up under. Paired with a white throw pillow like the Plaid Tree Pillow or Skier Pillows, it’s an easy way to get these spaces festive.

We can’t forget about the ornaments themselves. Whether you decide to hang these on your tree or use them in other ways, keeping a consistent theme is key! The Buffalo Plaid Bell, Skate Ornaments, Plaid Coat Ornament and Wooden Word Ornaments are some personal favorites. Used together on a tree, they will display Canada at Christmas perfectly. They can also be used to accent door knobs, kitchen cabinets or strung along a string on a mantle. 

Oh and don’t forget about changing that doormat! Keep it funny with a Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal or classic with a Plaid Moose Doormat.

Now get decorating!

-Emily Nowak, special to Koppers Home


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