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Hello Summer!

Is Father's Day the first day of summer? It is in my household! 

Once the barbecue’s fired up, it's time to put away the winter blankets, woollen socks and fluffy slippers and create a summer style aesthetic in your home so you can really enjoy bringing the outside in!

First things first let's let the light in open your curtains and blinds open windows and doors and spritz your favourite light scent, it’s time to bring light into your space. Your heavy throws and pillows can be cleaned and stored ready for next season. Celebrate the summer décor season by adding some light and bright accessories in soft pastels or warm neutral tones. I like to accessorise my main living areas with white or beige cushions, cotton throw blankets and even update my floor rugs with warm jute and cotton tones. Upstairs, I accent white and cream bedding with pillows and throws in soft pastel hues to bring a touch of the Hamptons to my summer décor scheme. I change up my wall art to reflect the new season adding some soft florals in the bedrooms and welcoming summer signs in the hallway and kitchen. Your home will feel instantly refreshed!

If your fireplace is feeling a little neglected at this time of year you may wish to place real or imitation greenery and blooming flowers in the hearth or add some stylish glass vases with votive LED candles in them to create a welcoming glow in the evenings without the heat of an open fire.

With the warmer weather in full swing there's no doubt that you'll want to take your entertainment outdoors for longer. Now might be the perfect time to invest in some stylish functional bamboo dinnerware for your patio table, not only is this selection environmentally sustainable, but bamboo fibre is designed to withstand the harsher treatment of the outdoors, expect your bamboo dinner plates, cups and jugs to last a very long time as they are tougher than ceramic! It's also worth adding garden lighting perhaps some LED strings, and soft spots of light scattered through the garden to enable your guests to linger longer outside and enjoy the warmth of your outdoor decor season!

Summer in Canada is short, while it might be tempting to lather on sunscreen and relax in the sun, now is the time to be creative at home making a summer décor scheme to stay stylish and cool indoors during the hotter months!

-Emma Rock, special to Koppers Home

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