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Holiday Gift Guide

Tis’ the season of giving. Whether you’re shopping for a fan of hockey or a lover of wine, Koppers Home has a large selection of home gifts to spoil the people you love this holiday.

Need some inspiration to get your holiday shopping started? Don’t stress, we’ve chosen our best home décor gifts for him and her to get you going!



Gifts for Him:

Men can be hard to shop for, claiming they already have everything they need or insisting they don’t want anything. This year opt-out from buying them the same old bottle of whiskey or pack of fresh white socks you get every holiday. This year, you can impress him and show off how well you know him with a gift catered to his interests!


Outdoorsy Man

Are the men in your life one with nature? These fun gifts will make for a smooth sailing experience while he’s out taking in the fresh air.

Fish Shaped Pocket Knife: When he’s out in the woods or down by the lake, you never know when he’s going to need a handy tool. Whether that’s a knife to cut the fishing line or a bottle opener to crack open a beer, this fish shaped pocketknife and keyring has it all in one place!

Hiking Sticks: Make him feel like a professional hiker with these sticks, even though you know the real purpose is the extra support.


Fat Bottom Mug – Cottage: Remind him of the peace sitting by the lake drinking his morning coffee brings him with this mug that says exactly what he was thinking. 


Rodfather Sign: Recognize who the master of fishing is with this spinoff sign.



Men deserve to be pampered every now and again too. Show him how much you care for him with these useful gifts. 

Men’s Gift Set: Ensure he has all his necessities when he’s on the go. This survival kit has everything he needs including an eye mask, pair of socks, toothbrush, comb, and ear plugs.


Beard Grooming Set: Keep him looking sharp with this beard grooming set, which comes with a brush and comb.



Does he enjoy cracking open a cold one after a long day at work or when he’s hanging out with his buddies? These fun gifts are perfect for any beer lover.

Top Off Bottle Opener: Not only is this bottle opener convenient, but it will surely get a laugh out of him.


Mini Beer Pong Game: He can still enjoy a game of beer pong without the hassle of setting up a big table with this mini beer pong game. It’s a fun way to get the party going.

BBQ Time Bottle Opener: He can keep track of how to get that steak just right with this bottle opener.



Shoot for his heart by playing into his love of Canada’s greatest sport, Hockey.

Rinko Game: He can play his own game at home while cracking open a cold one to watch the hockey game on tv. 


Hockey Mug Warning Hocke.: You already know how much he talks about hockey, so be generous and warn others that approach him.


Hockinole Game: When he doesn’t have time to get on the ice, he can get his daily fix of hockey with this miniature table version.



Show your appreciation for the delicious food he cooked you up over the past year, and hopefully it will remind him to keep doing so in the new year.

Boss of the Sauce Apron: Honour him for the sauce enthusiast he is with this apron while making sure he stays clean as he works his magic.


Licensed to Grill Apron: Keep the grill master clean as he grills you up your favourite foods.


Car fixer-upper  

A garage is a sacred place for most men whether he is working on his car or just needs a space to get out of the house, these are great gifts for claiming his space.

Garage Rules Sign: Help the men in your life put their rules in place by giving them this fun sign to hang on the wall.  


Workshop Wall Plaque: Add some character to his workspace with this decorative plaque.

Gifts for Her:

Show your appreciation for the leading ladies in your life this holiday season. Koppers Home is here to make shopping for gifts easy for you. Make your mom, girlfriend, sister, mother-in-law, or any other woman in your life feel special with a thoughtful gesture. Whether she enjoys relaxing in the bath, spicing up her space with new décor, or kicking back with a glass of wine, we have something she will love! 



Life can be stressful at times, so it’s important to take the time to unwind with a nice warm bath. These gifts will help provide relaxation for the women in your life.

Soap-Dish: Soap-rise her with this gorgeous porcelain soap dish.


Rainbow Candle Holder: Somewhere over the rainbow she is waiting for the perfect candle to light as she relaxes in the bath. Oh wait, there’s one right here!


Hey Gorgeous Bathmat: Remind her of how gorgeous she is every time she goes to her bathroom by gifting her this bathmat.


Whether she’s a wine connoisseur or just likes to kick back with a glass after a long day at work, these make for really grape gifts!

Drink-Up Tea Towel: This hilarious tea towel will be sure to put a smile on her face!


Set of 4 Expression Coasters: The perfect coasters for her girls’ nights in.


3 Asst. Wine Glasses: Not only are these glasses useful, but they’re relatable too!


Wine Tic Tac Toe Set: She can wine down with this fun twist on the classic checkers game.


Plant a smile on her face with Koppers Home’s indoor plant décor

Potted plant: This plant will surely spruce up her home!


Plant in Pot: Although this plant may not be living, it will always look good in her house.


Terracotta Planter: Give her plants an aesthetic place to grow with this planter.


For the Kitchen

The kitchen doesn’t just have to be a place for eating, it can be a place for humour! These Koppers Home products make for a fun gift she will love.

3 Asst. Cutting Board: These cutting boards will make cooking dinner more fun.


Fat Bottom Mug – SHHH: Bring peace and tranquillity into her morning as she enjoys her coffee with this mug. It’s also a nice reminder for yourself not to bother her.

Tea Pot: This pot will make for a tea-riffic gift!

-Emily Koppers, special to Koppers Home

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