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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

            Santa Claus is coming to town, and are we ever excited! For me Christmas time brings back such joyous memories of childhood, where you were so excited on Christmas Eve that you could hardly sleep. Any odd sound on the roof, and you were convinced it was Santa’s reindeer coming to see you. Now as adults that Christmas magic is maybe a bit different but definitely still alive.

            To help keep that spirit alive, the decorative items in Santa Claus Lane come in Christmas colors and patterns that we instantly recognize with Christmas. They are festive, fun and might just make it feel a little bit like Santa’s workshop.

            Let’s start with the front of the house, the Christmas lights will be hung outside on the porch and wrapped around the tree. To bring us to the North Pole, try adding a porch sign such as the LED Reindeer Porch Sign or LED Believe Porch Sign. In addition, I always like to add more greenery to the porch steps. Try buying a small Christmas tree or filling a planter with your own festive arrangement, and putting them in a festive Red Tree Planter to sit beside the porch sign. And to tie it all together a beautiful wreath on the door.

            Depending on your space, the entrance way and staircase can often get forgotten about, but these are wonderful spaces to decorate. If you have a staircase, try out a garland along the railing made of greenery. Then you’ve got an open canvas on the walls to either add or replace wall decor with something festive. A set of Ornament Plaques, Word Signs or my personal favorite, Santa’s Helpers Sign, can all be a nice addition to an entrance way or stairwell. Another simple way to make these spaces festive is to accent the light fixtures by adding hanging ornaments or christmas bells. The Star Ornaments, Assorted Bells and Assorted Snowflakes can all be used depending on the size, shape and scale of your space.

            Once in the living room or dining room, the Christmas tree is the star of the show. To keep the bottom of the tree looking sharp, use the Red Tree Collar or Snowman Tree Collar. Adding a few decorative pieces around the space to add to the atmosphere can help highlight the festive Christmas tree, without taking away from it. I always like to add festive pillows on the couch, like the Merry Christmas Pillow and Snowflake Pillows. Then to shelves or mantles, adding one or two pieces that we can surround with either small LED lights or little tea light candles. The Joy To The World Signs, Joy Wreath Sign, Mini Shelf Signs or the Naughty/Nice Sign all look great propped up higher. These too can be surrounded with fresh evergreen branches, maybe even some that were trimmed off the tree.

            And since the kitchen might just be the best place during any holiday, we can’t forget about it either. When baking all those Christmas cookies for Santa’s big day, it’s important to keep your hands clean. Our festive tea towels do just that, and you can choose from many festive sayings like Cheer Tea Towel, Ya Filthy Animal Tea Towel or a simpler, cute Reindeer Tea Towel. And with all that hard work, you’ve got to reward yourself with some mulled wine, of course using a festive wine glass like the Jingle Wine Glass.

Happy decorating!

-Emily Nowak, special to Koppers Home

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